21 February 2013

Slow down, wait.

I've started spinning my life like a top again.

My knees and palms are glued to its surface, my hair whipping my face while I go around and around and around.

Wait, stop.


Give me a second to catch my breath.

But I'm already stupidly careening around for another turn.

I am slipping.

I'm laughing, simply because I don't know how else to breathe in this wind.  Because if I don't laugh I will scream.  I'm laughing so hard that my eyes are squeezing shut and I can't see your blur anymore.  I am waving one hand out and hoping I can feel your skin and be jerked off because, I'm going to fall and

I don't want to see what the world looks like when it's not all made of streaming streaks of color and light.

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