31 May 2013

Things I Have Learned About Hippiepoopcatchers

(My new affectionate term for cloth diapers.)

Anyways, here's what I've learned:

  • For the first few days, when little one is too tiny for normal diaper covers (at least the ones I bought!) and needs the umbilical stump not to be bothered, disposable diapers free from the hospital work GREAT as prefold covers.
  • They work less well when the poop-splosions start to happen.
  • The prefold that fits before washing and is also made of cotton shall not fit after washing.  Don't let your brain fart like mine did.  That 25% shrinkage thing is no joke, y'all.
  • If it catcheth the poo and does not require washing the onesie, too, it's the most perfect diaper ever created gobuymorerightnow.
  • Yes, he JUST pooped, check the diaper anyways.
  • Saying that you can just fold a larger prefold more and make your cash last longer is a dirty, filthy lie.  Tiny baby butts need tiny baby diapers.  No way around it, at least, not that I've found.
  • Super awesome thick absorbent amazing prefolds are very hard to fold in smaller sizes.  If the thickness of the cloth allows for a tunnel out from the tush, that tunnel will soon flood.
  • No matter how many cats you diaper while pregnant, you aren't going to know what you're doing until the baby comes.  You are going to have to be flexible.  No matter how much it hurts the OCD-bone.